Not on my List But . . . Throw a Themed Party

27 Oct

So, for anyone that know me, you know I LOVE a bit of fancy dress, and there would be no chance of this “challenge” ever appearing on my Life List, because it is just the done deal!  A Sasha party = theme = fancy dress!!

Two dinner parties that I hosted for some fantastic friends, each had a theme!  The first party was a murder mystery night, with the theme being Italian Mafia!  It was a fantastic night, with everyone getting into their roles, and all arriving in the most fantastic fancy dress!!

The second dinner party was as a part of a come-dine-with-me event that Ollie and I, and three other couples organised so that we each organised dinners at our houses.   After much deliberations, Ollie and I decided on a 80’s theme, preparing prawn cocktail for starters, homemade chicken kievs for main course, and of course the obligatory vienetta ice cream for dessert!  All washed down with a creme de menthe!  And of course, Ollie and I dressed up for our guests!  Ollie looking like a  extra out of Miami Vice, and me as 80’s GoGo girl!!

For our 30th birthday party, we decided that we would have a big party, and that without saying it would have to have a fancy dress theme.  And to be a little different, we chose the theme “What did you what to be when you grew up?” . . . . . . .

"I ain't nothing but a gold digger!"


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