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First step to “Loving Fish”

13 Dec

So just over a week ago I took my first (big) step in attempting to “6 – Learn to LOVE eating fish“!

I ate some without throwing up!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t eat fish or nuts!  Nuts, I am allergic to, and fish makes me want to throw up, just from the smell!  But I have so wanted to like, even love, eating fish! Not only because of the health benefits, but because when eating out there are often meals on the menu that look as though they would be delicious, but then they end up having some of those nasties in them!  Yep, seafood!

A trip to Port Macquarie to catch up with friends resulted in a trip to the harbour and a fish and chip meal.  Knowing that I was not yet ready to venture into eating a whole fillet of fish I opted for the battered savaloy, with everyone else ordering crumbed fish to accompany their chips!

Arriving freshly cooked and wrapped in paper came the time for me to take the plunge!  I tore a small lump of the white flesh away and popped it into my mouth before I could think too much about it, and well, it wasn’t at all bad!!  It was actually ok!! And so I tore another lump and ate that too!!  Just how amazing am !????

Well that was enough for me anyways, I don’t want to be running before I can walk, and so tucked into my saveloy and chips proud in the realisation that I am on the road to loving to eat fish!! Next step is to eat more fish, but I think I may need to try something that has a sauce on it to help me!!