Not on my list but . . . Bungy Jump

22 Apr

So this was one of the must do’s that Ollie and I said that we had to achieve whilst on our round-the-world trip! And even though a year has passed since doing it, I still can’t tell you if I enjoyed it or not!!

Much like the skydive, I had no real nerves building up to the jump, until I got on that platform!! Actually, thinking back, I did have to go for a last minute wee before walking out onto the platform, but other than that, none of it seemed like it was actually happening to me, and I think that maybe I was just on a major adrenalin high!!

Anyway, once out on a wooden platform, 47 metres above a river in Taupo, New Zealand and it all becomes a bit of a blur!! I remember a very nice man checking my harness (thank goodness for that!!) and attaching the rope to my ankles! Oh, and on that point, wow that rope is heavy!! As soon as it is attached and you start shuffling to the edge, it just feels as though it is going pull you off the edge itself!!

Once on the edge, it all happens very quickly in that you are told to look up, with your hands above you, in a diving position, then you slowly lean forward and . . . . . . .


I screamed so much I think the whole of Taupo came to a standstill!!!

And what was it like? I unfortunately can’t give you much of a description as I had my eyes closed for the whole thing!!! Only opening them when I heard someone say they were coming for me!! I briefly opening my eyes to see an inflatable boat below getting into position, closed my eyes again and waited to be lowered into it!!

Reliving it by writing it here, I’d have to say, never again!! But, I would also say it’s definitely something you should put on your Life List/Bucket List!!



One Response to “Not on my list but . . . Bungy Jump”

  1. The Open Suitcase August 2, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    I saw your link on Bucket List Publications and have added a link to your site on mine, too. Hope you stop by for a visit:

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