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Cookbook suggestions needed!

18 May

In order to complete number 14 on my Life List (Cook every recipe from one cookbook), I need suggestions on which cookbook I should use!

So, any ideas??


Learning to love fish plus Anchovies does not work!

3 May

If learning to love fish means eating anchovies, me and this life list are gonna fall out!!

Whilst I am very much enjoying the food here in South East Asia, every now and again you crave western food, or at least something that does not contain rice or noodles!

Such an occasion arose in Ho Chi Minh and I desperately craved a salad for lunch, and so ordered a Caesar Salad (described as being salad with chicken and croutons).

What arrived was a plate with 4 iceberg lettuce leaves laid out in the centre, atop of them was a pile of fried chicken pieces, sprinkled with cubes of bread, all of it swimming in a centimetre deep of oily dressing, and then the whole lot was covered in . . . . ANCHOVIES!!

The salty, fishy taste was disgusting, and was on everything!

Yep, learning to love fish is not going to go particularly well, if it has anything to do with anchovies!