Lists I Love

Whilst creating my Life List, I have become a bit of a Listologist, or List Enthusiast, in short, I just love lists!!  And so I thought, what better place to share with you all the lists that I have enjoyed, and been inspired by!

Firstly to the Life List/Bucket List blogs that I have started stalking, they are great at helping get some ideas of what to add to your own: –

Annette has taken the “live life to the full” to an all time high!  She has created an amazing bucket list, but at the same time is experiencing so many adventures along the journey!  Her’s is a food and travel journey!

Alice is just 15 years of age, and has terminal cancer.  Alice created her bucket list to not only fullfil some of her dreams before she loses her battle, but to also highlight, and encourage people to become bone marrow donors.

Kelly is a self confessed Bucket List junkie and has created a list with over 400 “To Do’s”, which she has catagorised:

Miranda complied her list after reading Richard Hornes’ book “101 Things to do before you die” and has since become an obsessive blogger, but it’s her list that I enjoy most with some truely hilarious inclusions (7 – Be part of a threesome, 17 – Own a pointless collection, 20 Get backstage and get off with a Rock God, 81 – Get barred from a pub or bar, 95 – Get revenge)

Secondly these are just lists, lists that make me smile, inspire me to see more, and inspire me to do more: –

Creepy Places Around the world is a list of some facinating destinations!  The Church of Bones being somewhere I would definitely like to visit.

The Best Round the World Food Fights gives details of a couple of street food fights that I had never heard of, and now I just have to work out which one(s) I want to do!

50 Tips for Frugal living makes us reflect on how much money we often waste, and also focuses the mind.

The Greatest Races to Watch Live.  I can’t wait to see snails being raced in Norfolk!!


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