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Reindeer Cookies

5 Dec

There is a slight “artists impression” thing going on with the cookies I baked today! But I feel they resemble reindeers enough for me to be able to cross them off my Christmas Bucket List!

What do you think?


I actually made some with brown noses too, but they just look like evil bears (see top right of photo below)!!!



A Christmas related Bucket List

3 Dec

After a six month gap in blogging, I am getting back on track with a Christmas related “Bucket List”.

I have put together a list of 10 activities to get Ollie and I into the festive spirit, without drinking too many spirits!!

  1. Watch a Christmas Movie
  2. Have a photo taken with Santa
  3. Make Mulled Wine
  4. Kiss under the Mistletoe
  5. Give a Christmas Gift Donation
  6. Make Popcorn String decorations
  7. Explore the neighbourhood for Christmas Lights
  8. Make Reindeer Cookies
  9. Go Ice Skating
  10. Make a Gingerbread House

What is on your Christmas Bucket List?